Workforce Development

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NYSNYS Business Advisory Council: This group serves as a strategic think tank to help both youth serving organizations and businesses in New York State address topics such as the skills gap and workforce readiness.

The Business Advisory Council works tor strengthen partnerships between afterschool programs and the business community, while also elevating the state conversation on how afterschool programs can support workforce development.

Vision of the Business Advisory Council: Successful formation and utilization of the group will lead to business voices in advocacy for afterschool, summer, and expanded learning programs on the state and federal levels to increase funding, increase afterschool-business partnerships, increased program quality throughout the state, and improved network sustainability.

For more information on the Business Advisory Council or to join the Council, please contact Kelly Sturgis, Executive Director, at or 518-694-0660.

Afterschool and summer programs often offer career readiness activities to prepare youth for success in the workforce. Programs may:

  • Expose youth to new activities and careers through inclusion of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), the arts, global learning, and more.
  • Offer high school credit and credit recovery classes where students can earn credit for attending expanded learning programs or through related internships. This is made possible only through partnership with the school’s administration and must include accredited teachers and have the school principal’s approval.
  • Develop career engagement for their students by providing career counseling, job shadowing, mentorships, and internships.
  • Increase college engagement by providing field trips for students to visit a college, inviting recent graduates to speak to current students about their college experiences, and supporting students with their college applications, financial aid paperwork, and other college related materials.
  • Build students’ non-cognitive and employability skills and character development.
  • Support students with direct employment by providing summer youth positions, hiring junior counselors and staff, and building career ladders through volunteer and internship opportunities for former students.

WorkforceDownload a one-pager on the role of afterschool programs in workforce development or review a presentation on High-Quality Career Readiness Through Out-of-School-Time Programs, which highlights how New York’s afterschool and summer programs prepare youth for the workforce.

The New York State Department of Labor’s (NYSDOL) Career Development and Youth Initiatives Office’s presentation, entitled  Workforce Development: Helping Teens and Young Adults Get Ready for College and Career, outlines the resources and programs available through the youth programs funded by the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and the state. Programs may also benefit from NYSDOL’s resources by connecting youth with CareerZone. The CareerZone system can help bridge youth’s academics and afterschool activities to postsecondary education and career opportunities.