About the New York State Network for Youth Success

The New York State Network for Youth Success is dedicated to building a youth-serving system that increases the quality and availability of afterschool and expanded learning programs.

The Network for Youth Success supports all programs that promote young people’s intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development outside the traditional school day. These programs include those that serve youth in kindergarten through 12th grade, take place in schools and/or in community-based settings, and occur before and after school, during weekends, holidays, and summer breaks, or during the school day through partnerships with community organizations.

The Network for Youth Success convenes partners and coordinates them around a common agenda focused on partnership development, policy development, and capacity building. The Network connects practice with policy across a broad range of state, regional, and local partners that represent the afterschool, expanded learning, community schools, and youth development fields broadly.

Our partners and stakeholders include:

  • Public agency leadership
  • Elected officials
  • Policymakers
  • Program providers
  • Community members
  • Leaders from the nonprofit sector
  • Advocates and advocacy groups
  • Members of the philanthropic community
  • Intermediary organizations
  • Capacity building providers
  • Researchers

The Network for Youth Success is one of 50 Statewide Afterschool Networks funded by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, and is also the New York State affiliate for the National AfterSchool Association.

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