Virtual Learning NYS SAC Credential Course (Live Instructor)

Upcoming Classes for the Entire State

Fall 2022: (Part 2)
Instructor: Diane Shirley

*Classes (Parts 1 and 2) can be taken in either order.
Note: There may be other virtual or face to face classes in your area. For a listing go here.
Pricing and times will vary.

Tentative Schedule

Fridays 9:30-12:30

Date Topic OCFS, CBK,
SAC Areas
Training Hours
9/16 Orientation/ Overview / Manual OCFS: 1,3,5
CBK: 7

SAC: 1

9/23 Social & Emotional (12) OCFS: 3, 7

CBK: 7

SAC: 12



Homework Help 0
9/30 Program Management & Quality (14) OCFS: 1, 3, 5
CBK: 6, 7

SAC: 1, 14

10/7 Cognitive Development (10) OCFS: 1,3
CBK: 1,4

SAC: 10

10/14 Creative (8) OCFS: 1,3
CBK: 1,4

SAC: 1, 8

10/21 Physical Development (9) OCFS: 1, 3
CBK: 1, 4

SAC: 9

10/28 Observing & Recording OCFS: 1, 3, 5
CBK: 1, 3
11/4 Special Needs OCFS: 1,2,3,7
CBK: 1,3,4

SAC: 6,12

11/18 ACES & Trauma OCFS: 9
CBK: 1,5
12/2 Communication (11) OCFS: 1,3
CBK: 1,4

SAC: 11

12/9 Families (13) OCFS: 1,3
CBK: 1,4

SAC: 13

12/16 Goal Setting, Action Planning & Endorsement Video OCFS:
CBK: 7

SAC: 1, 14

Monday 12/19 Homework/Make Up 0


Scholarship funding to participate in this training may be available through the Educational Incentive Program (EIP). For more information or to apply for a scholarship, please visit You may also contact EIP at or 800-295-9616.

Need help filling out the EIP application? Email Erin@NetworkForYouthSuccess.Org

Virtual Learning NYS SAC Credential Prep Course

Course Description
The School Age Care Credential Course is an in-depth study of competency standards that reflect best practices in after-school programs.  This course is specifically designed for individuals currently employed in school age child care programs, who serve children ages 5 to 13 years old.  Competency standards demonstrating the ability to nurture children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth will be explored. Major topics include maintaining a safe, healthy learning environment, child development, challenging behaviors, observing and recording, working with families, curriculum development, operational program management, communication, and professionalism. Current theories and trends of working with and educating school age children will be investigated by SACC Candidates.  Part 1 covers skill areas 1-7, and Part 2 covers skill areas 8-14.

$1,250.00* per semester.  (Two semesters are required)
*The cost of advisement and endorsement (assessment is not included)

Method of Instruction
Virtual – Live-Instructor.  Class sessions will include lectures, cooperative learning opportunities, whole group discussions, group activities, observations, and use of audio-visual materials. Note: Google Classroom may be used to support learning. All candidates will need a Gmail account to access Google Classroom.

Text Book
School’s Out: Challenges and Solutions for School-Age Programs, Galuski Tracy and Arlene Rider. Gryphon House, Inc. 2020.
(text book not included in the cost of the course)

Enrollment in the SAC Credential Course
Individuals enrolling in this course must be 18 years of age or older, have a high school diploma or GED, and must be currently working/volunteering in a NYS OCFS Licensed/Registered program.

Virtual Requirements
This course will take place via Zoom at the dates/times listed in the syllabus.  Candidates must have access to a computer (a tablet or phone is not recommended as it may limit ability to participate), camera, and microphone.  Candidate’s must keep their cameras on, sign-in, and actively participate to earn NYS OCFS training credit.  Students may not participate while operating a moving vehicle.

Candidates must take the responsibility to secure – and pay as necessary – their own SAC Credential Advisor –  from the approved Advisor list.
In order to demonstrate competence, candidates must be observed working in a school-age program with the same group of children.  The candidate will arrange a time with Advisor to conduct observations.  Three observations will be conducted.

  • The time of your observations will vary so that throughout the three site visits, your Advisor will observe all aspects of the program; from arrival to homework to departure.
  • One-on-one coaching meetings will be scheduled immediately after the observation to review and give feedback.