Conference Accessibility and Accommodations

The New York State Network for Youth Success aims to provide an inclusive and accessible space to foster learning and community, and ensure all participants can fully engage in the programming. Our goal is to make webinars, trainings, conferences, and events hosted by the Network accessible to all individuals.

Our Focus and Commitment at Conferences

Our conference planning committee and staff have worked to increase dialogue and respond to the needs of the conference attendees in need of accommodations. When you register for our conferences, our registration form includes a question about accessibility and other accommodations, such as allergies, dietary restrictions, physical accommodations, etc. Network staff will follow-up with any attendee who answers “yes” to this question and additional clarification is needed. All services and accessibility accommodations must be requested at least thirty (30) days in advance.

  • Pre-planning: The conference locations we select are ADA-compliant. Network staff meet with hotel and conference management representatives and evaluate space before our conferences. Mens, Womens, and Gender Neutral facilities are available at the hotel.
  • Egress & mobility: Network staff work with event staff to ensure adequate access and egress to meeting rooms and associated conference space including factoring in adequate time for travel between sessions as part of conference planning. The hotel entrance and all conference rooms are handicap and wheelchair accessible. Handicap parking is located close to the hotel entrance. Two elevators are available to transition between conference spaces. A map of the conference rooms is located in the brochure. Please see hotel signage for emergency route and exits.
  • Quiet space and breaks: Attendees will have access to identified quiet space as needed by the attendees. The Network is also sensitive to the pace of the conferences and schedules regular breaks for attendees. A lactation room is also provided and noted on the conference map in the brochure. If you need other private space, please contact the Network and we will see what can be provided based on the needs of the individual.
  • Audio/Visual: The Network provides projectors and screens for all conference sessions. Where larger rooms warrant it, the Network provides microphones, speakers, and services that enhance the audio and visual experience of participants. When possible, videos include closed captioning subtitles. For the annual conference, the Network is prepared to hire interpreter services for deaf or hearing-impaired attendees. Services must be requested at a minimum of 30 days before the conference. Presenters are requested to provide advance copies of PowerPoint presentations and session materials. These are located here.
  • Dietary needs: As reported in your registration form, the Network coordinates special dietary needs with hotel and conference staff to accommodate allergies and cultural dietary restrictions.
  • Staff commitment: Staff, volunteers, and conference staff are available to attendees who may need assistance or other needs. We aim to go above and beyond to ensure your experience is the most optimal it can be.

Participant Involvement at Conferences:

  • To ensure the best experience for all participants, you should refrain from wearing strong fragrances.
  • Ask! Check with Network and conference staff if additional accommodations are needed throughout the conference.

If you have questions or need to request a particular accommodation to ensure your complete conference participation, please contact Cara Sherwood at

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) § 36.203(a) states that “A public accommodation shall afford goods, services, facilities, privileges, advantages, and accommodations to an individual with a disability in the most integrated setting appropriate to the needs of the individual.”