The Power of 3:00 Campaign is the Network for Youth Success’ public awareness campaign to educate New York citizens and their elected officials on the benefits of afterschool, summer, and expanded learning opportunities. Join us in working towards providing all of New York State’s children and youth with the opportunity to experience high-quality expanded learning and development opportunities that support their success in school, college, work, and life.

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Join the New York State Network for Youth Success for the continuation of the Power of 3:00 Afterschool Advocacy Webinar Series. Learn about the basics of advocacy and the specific policy landscape impacting afterschool programs in New York.

This webinar series is for anyone interested in understanding more about how to engage in advocacy issues in a meaningful, effective way. The sessions will provide an interactive, practical experience to teach you about what it takes to be a powerful afterschool advocate. Please see below for more information about upcoming sessions and recordings of completed sessions.

Meeting with Decisionmakers: Becoming an Effective Advocate
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This session will teach tactics, tips, and strategies for meeting with decisionmakers including legislators and their staff. In this session, you will:
  • Explore best practices for crafting and communicating your advocacy message.
  • Understand effective tactics for meeting with legislators.
  • Learn how to host a site visit with an elected official.
  • Practice crafting your own advocacy message.
Interested in joining us for Afterschool Advocacy Day 2024? This session will prepare you for joining meetings with your legislators to make the case for afterschool.

Afterschool Advocacy 101: The Basics
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The first webinar in this series, this session is a comprehensive introduction to the basics of advocacy, what it means for the afterschool field, and how to become engaged. This session will:

  • Explain the difference between advocacy and lobbying efforts and provide examples of each.
  • Show what advocacy can look like in an afterschool setting.
  • Outline “who’s who” in New York State government.
  • Introduce participants to the funding landscape at the state level for afterschool, and
  • Present opportunities for participants to engage in advocacy at the state level to support afterschool.

Storytelling in Advocacy: Making the Case for Afterschool
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Everyone has a story to share, and your story can be a powerful tool to make the case for afterschool. This session will:

  • Teach you a framework for using storytelling to advocate for issues with an afterschool focus.
  • Help you develop an advocacy message through storytelling as a tool, including how to incorporate data in a compelling way.
  • Allow you to practice using their story to inform others why afterschool matters to them.

Activating Afterschool Advocates: Engaging Youth & Families
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Engagement of youth and parents/caregivers is essential to uplifting the voice of the individuals that benefit most from investment in afterschool programs. This session will:

  • Focus on effective methods, tools, and tips for meaningfully engaging youth, families, and media in afterschool advocacy.
  • Teach tips to effectively engage youth and families, discuss what motivates them to volunteer, and learn about common missteps.

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