Board of Directors

Board Officers:

Marcel Braithwaite – President
Jessica Klos-Shapiro – Vice President
Kimberlee Berben – Treasurer
Andy Turner – Secretary
Kyle Stewart – Past President

Board Members:

Kimberly Luce
Jackie Davis-Manigaulte
Mairead Hartmann
Jenn O’Connor
Andy Turner
Michelle Yanche
Nekia Kemp
Jessica Klos-Shapiro
Marcel Braithwaite
Rashida Ladner-Seward
Shatorah Donovan
Riguad Noel

Advisory Council

The Network for Youth Success’ Advisory Council is composed of representatives of the public agencies that fund, oversee, or engage with expanded learning opportunities in New York. The Advisory Council provides a crucial venue for public and private afterschool stakeholders to exchange ideas and coordinate resources.