Love afterschool? Enjoy summer programs? Believe in changing lives outside the traditional classroom through expanded learning? Join students, parents, program providers, and other supporters of afterschool, summer, and expanded learning programs like yourself to advocate for New York’s children and families. Join us annually in January to meet with your state representatives and share with them why afterschool programs are important to you!


1.6 million New York children would participate in an afterschool program if one was available to them. To be able to meet the needs of all of those children and families, we all have to speak up about the importance of more funding for afterschool.

Afterschool has been in the news more than ever before, and now is the time to push for more opportunities for our youth.

Our Afterschool Advocates regularly speak up for afterschool, and you too can take action! Please join us in demanding more safety, more learning, and more opportunity for all our children!