Global Learning

As the world becomes more interconnected, its citizens face new challenges in educational success, environmental sustainability, and economic development. Afterschool programs and other expanded learning opportunities (ELOs) are natural contexts in which to help students develop a range of skills, knowledge, and competencies to be effective global citizens. Global learning in afterschool and summer programs include an assets-based approach to youth development, involve families and communities, and often use project-based and applied learning strategies.


Network for Youth Success’  Global Learning Policy Brief entitled Global Learning and Expanded Learning Opportunities: A Call to Action argues that high-quality global learning in afterschool programs and ELOs is highly relevant for youth success in an increasingly global world and suggests how global learning supports student achievement. The brief also features exemplars in New York State and presents policy recommendations to make global learning more accessible.

Through Network for Youth Success’ involvement with The Center for Global Education (CGE) at Asia Society, we have been able to provide resources to afterschool programs to facilitate the integration of global learning into their program design and activities. The intent of this work is to expose youth to new concepts and experiences in the areas of international education, cultural awareness, and community service.


  • Expanding Horizons Guidebook: This guidebook, developed by the Asia Society, makes the case for integrating global learning in out-of-school-time programs and provides a range of promising practices and resources to help programs get started.
  • New York State’s Global Learning Guide: Exploring the World After School: This is an activity-based curriculum that can help afterschool educators engage youth around the growing opportunities and challenges that face our world, our communities, and our young people in today’s global context.  
  • The Global Learning in Afterschool Self-Assessment Tool: A resource created by The Center for Global Education at Asia Society , in collaboration with afterschool partners, to assess and improve programs’ capacity to help build the global competence of youth. It can be used in conjunction with the Network for Youth Success QSA Tool.
  • Longview Foundation Resources: A list of global learning programs and research related to the afterschool and expanded learning field from a major funder of global learning.
  • Global Education Coalition (GEC)-NYC: The coalition seeks to support educators in the New York City metropolitan area in creating globally competent youth through professional development, shared best practices, and policy recommendations. GEC-NYC members offer many resources for afterschool programs inside and outside of New York City, including curricula, trainings, and partnerships.