Coordinating with K-12 Education

FamilyServicesNY2Engaging high-quality expanded learning opportunities (ELOs), including afterschool, summer, and expanded day programs, into strong school-community partnerships can be a key strategy for achieving turnaround of low-performing schools and ensuring that our students graduate college and career ready.Students who regularly attend high-quality ELOs have been shown to increase their competence in core subjects while also increasing their engagement with school, their attendance, and their behavior. 

Network for Youth Success’ report The Role of Expanded Learning Opportunities in New York State School Reform includes the latest research on ELOs and exemplary program models, and highlights how high-quality ELOs can help students to grow academically and socially.  This report concludes with recommendations for a coordinated approach that will assist the state, schools, and community organizations to work together to ensure that we are providing the most effective programs possible. The Executive Summary of the report can be found here.

Network for Youth Success also released a series of excerpted one-pagers highlighting how ELOs can contribute to the school reform goals laid out in New York’s successful Race to the Top (RTTT) proposal.