QSA Survey and Compilation Spreadsheets

The Network for Youth Success Quality Self-Assessment (QSA) Tool assists programs in self-assessing and improving overall program quality across several elements. Many programs choose to survey stakeholders such as staff, parents, participants, teachers, etc. on these elements, and then use the results to foster discussion and create plans for improvement. This process allows programs to get a well-rounded view of their current program quality, build stronger relationships with stakeholders, and develop strategic plans for improvements in the areas that need it most. The Network for Youth Success provides the following tools to make this process easier than ever.

The Network for Youth Success QSA Survey, Third Edition allows stakeholders to easily view examples of Performance Levels for each Indicator, and record their assessment of Performance Level and Time to Improve for each indicator. Once the spreadsheet is filled out, it just has to be emailed or otherwise electronically transferred back to the Survey Administrator. The Survey Administrator can then quickly compile all of the survey responses into one easy-to-view format through use of the QSA Site Compilation Spreadsheet.

At this time, each site’s results must be compiled in a separate Site Compilation Spreadsheet.

The QSA Site Compilation Spreadsheet, Third Edition allows the Survey Administrator and those she or he shares it with to view responses to the QSA in chart and graph formats. Responses can be viewed for all respondents as well as separated by type of respondent (staff, parents, participants, teachers, etc.). The tool is designed to help facilitate stakeholders’ discussions around survey results and program quality improvement. By itself, it does not assess results, make comparisons with state or national norms, or recommend areas for improvement. These spreadsheets are meant only for internal use and will never be collected by Network for Youth Success.

For spreadsheets to use with the old, second edition of the tool, please download the following copies:
Network for Youth Success QSA Survey, Second Edition
QSA Site Compilation Spreadsheet, Second Edition

Many thanks go to Dan Thompson, who generously volunteered his time for the creation of these spreadsheets. Download your copy of these spreadsheets to make your self-assessment process more efficient. For any questions or technical difficulties, please contact us.