The Network for Youth Success and its partners host webinars on valuable topics for those interested in expanded learning opportunities. Click the following links to watch archived recordings of past webinars. [Note that many of these webinars were recorded when our organization was known as AfterSchool Works! NY: the New York State Afterschool Network (ASW:NYSAN). They will therefore feature our old name and logo.]

Using the Quality Self-Assessment (QSA) Tool for Continuous Program Quality Improvement

November 10, 2016. This webinar is an introduction to the Quality Self-Assessment (QSA) Tool, the quality improvement process, and tools that will help you create continuous program quality improvement in your afterschool or summer program. During the webinar, you will learn the basics of how to involve stakeholders in your self-assessment, create an easy to follow action plan, and embed quality improvement in your everyday work. The content is applicable for first-time users and veteran users looking for new ideas.

KWIC Maps & Afterschool Programs

October 24, 2016. The KWIC website is a public one-stop shop for planning and community assessment with population indicators and an extensive local mapping tool. There are community assets such as WIC clinics, public libraries, schools, mental health services and DOL Career Centers on the KWIC Mapping Tool. Afterschool programs have been added and we want to showcase these programs in your community! Learn how to use this tool in your daily work and your Lights on Afterschool activities!

You Feed Their Minds, Now Feed Their Bodies

ASW:NYSAN March 22, 2016. United Way of the Greater Capital Region and ASW:NYSAN hosted a webinar on connecting afterschool and summer programs with healthy meals and snacks.

Jessica Underhill, Director of Community Impact at United Way of the Greater Capital Region, discussed the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) and Saleah Blancaflor, Food Programs Coordinator VISTA at ASW:NYSAN, discussed the Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP).

This webinar is relevant to organizations interested in:
-Serving meals for on-site programming after school or during the summer.
-Expanding their programs/curriculum to sites that serve meals to children.
-Learning more about government reimbursed child nutrition programs.

Engaging the Media for your Lights On Afterschool Event

ASW:NYSAN, October 8, 2015. ASW:NYSAN held a special Lights On Afterschool webinar for anyone interested in learning how to engage the media and ensure that your LOA event receives the attention it needs to highlight the benefits of afterschool programs. We were joined by our partners at the Afterschool Alliance and the Capital District YMCA.

STEM and Afterschool: What’s the Connection?

ASW:NYSAN is proud to present “Afterschool & STEM: What’s the Connection?” This free webinar takes a look at why STEM is all the rage in education circles, and why afterschool is the “sweet spot” for inquiry and project-based learning. Explore the needs and possibilities for your program and how science, technology, engineering, and math could become a part of it! STEM Coordinator Timothy Fowler shares research, examples from the field, and resources to help you become involved in STEM learning.

Navigating Your Afterschool Supper and Snack with CACFP

Network for Youth Success webinar on the Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP). Learn about eligibility and how you can get your program enrolled to receive subsidies for healthy snacks and suppers. The webinar also covers child nutrition and healthy living, and provides sample menus for crediting meals with CACFP. Misha Marvel from Hunger Solutions New York and Mary Ellen Flynn from the New York State Department of Health join Ligea Alexander, Network for Youth Success Food Programs VISTA, to discuss the benefits of CACFP as well as the application process.

Supporting Homeless Youth and Families Through Afterschool

This webinar shares policy and research on homelessness and homeless students in addition to best practices for working with homeless youth and families. The presenters include:
• Dona Anderson, Senior Public Affairs Officer, Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness
• Tinnycua Williams, Senior Programs Associate, Homes for the Homeless
• Paul Clark, Director of School Based Programs, Center for Youth Services

Scaling Up Afterschool at the Local and National Levels

Northeast Network of Statewide Afterschool Networks, October 2014. What does it take to scale up expanded learning opportunities while maintaining program quality and financial sustainability? Find out during this webinar inspired by the Wallace Foundation report: Scaling Up, Staying True. Watch the webinar to hear how experts have scaled up programs at the local and national levels, and to learn best practices for scaling up while maintaining program quality and financial stability.

Going Deeper with the Quality Self Assessment QSA Tool: Using Results to Create Lasting Change

NYSAN, October 2014. This webinar is an in depth look at strategies for implementation of the QSA and examines methods for using action planning and the quality improvement cycle to create lasting change in your program. Please note that this webinar does not include an overview of the QSA tool, so if you do not have experience using the QSA tool, it would be beneficial to view the introduction webinar here before watching.

New York Data from America After 3pm

NYSAN, October 2014. This webinar discusses what the America After 3pm data said about New York, what it means for children and families here, and how the data can be used for Lights On Afterschool events on October 23rd.

Introduction to the NYSAN Quality Self Assessment QSA Tool

NYSAN, September 2014. This webinar explains the basics of using the NYSAN Quality Self-Assessment (QSA) Tool to assess and improve program quality. This free tool includes assessment across ten elements of program quality and tools for creating improvement. Even if your program is brand new, the tool also includes a special section on quality indicators to have in place before opening. Supplemental tools are also available for other targeted programming areas.

This webinar is also a first look at navigating the QSA Tool on the all new NYSAN website including more tips and resources than ever before.

Virtual Media Briefing Stopping the Summer Slide: Summer Learning across New York

NYSAN, June 2014. Members and staff of The New York State Afterschool Network (NYSAN) offer this 15 minute virtual media briefing on the importance of summer learning. They will provide examples of programs across New York State that stop “the summer slide” through innovative and fun hands-on learning. The media briefing will provide research, program contacts, and other resources to support stories related to summer learning and Summer Learning Day, which will be celebrated by programs across the country on Friday, June 20. Download the PowerPoint.

Defining, Measuring, and Tracking Youth Outcomes

NYSAN and Northeast Network of Statewide Afterschool Networks, May 2014. This webinar includes an overview of existing frameworks of youth outcomes and measurement tools, and tracking these outcomes using a number of existing data systems. The Greater Rochester After-School Alliance (GRASA) shares how their community has come together to select common outcomes that all programs will measure and the process that they have used to determine those outcomes. Building on these community-wide efforts, NYSAN has been involved in advocacy efforts around a statewide data system. Learn about the benefits that such a system might have for your state, and access advocacy tools that you can use in your efforts.

Media for Afterschool 101

NYSAN, May 2014. This webinar joins New York media expert, Susan Pedo, in an introduction to best using media in support of your afterschool or summer program. Susan will shows: How to use media to promote your own program; how to promote your own program in ways that will support afterschool across the state; how to use media to support advocacy efforts effectively; how to engage parents and participants through media efforts.

State Budget Follow-Up: Building Support for Next Year

NYSAN, April 2014. This webinar gives an overview of the 2014-15 state budget and includes ways that you can join NYSAN and our partners in taking steps now and throughout the year to hopefully change the outcome for afterschool in the 2015-16 state budget.

Adding 200 Hours: Designing an Expanded Learning Time Program

NYSAN, July 2013. This webinar introduces participants to NYSAN’s guidebook, Adding 200 Hours: A Guidebook on Designing an Expanded Learning Time Program for Priority Schools.

Strengthening Financial Management

Northeast Network of Statewide Afterschool Networks, June 2013. This webinar introduces participants to The Wallace Foundation and FMA’s website www.StrongNonprofits.org and the resources available on this site.

The NYSAN Program Quality Self-Assessment (QSA) Tool

NYSAN, February 2013. This webinar introduces participants to the NYSAN Program Quality Self-Assessment (QSA)Tool and provides tips for implementation.

The Role of Expanded Learning Opportunities in School Reform

NYSAN, December 2012. This webinar introduces participants to NYSAN’s publication, The Role of Expanded Learning Opportunities in New York State School Reform.