Afterschool Program Accreditation

Program accreditation is the ultimate indication of program quality. It also provides afterschool professionals with performance indicators, benchmarks of quality – to guide program planning, implementation and evaluation. Accreditation also serves to guide families in making more informed choices about afterschool care for their children. Moreover, the accreditation process supports a team approach to program improvement and fosters a competent, caring and qualified staff.

About New York State Afterschool Program Accreditation

Led by the Network for Youth Success and informed by the New York State Afterschool Program Accreditation workgroup; a group comprised of direct service practitioners, program directors, trainers, evaluation specialists, policy experts and agency leaders – the New York State Afterschool Program Accreditation model is designed to provide afterschool providers in New York State with a viable, affordable and meaningful accreditation option.

What does it cost?

The fee for the New York State Afterschool Program Accreditation is based on program size and must be submitted with your completed application cover page, application, program practices self-study tool and pre-visit documentation checklist and related documents.

Price Structure:

  • Program site with a total enrollment of 0-35 children: $1,200
  • Program site with a total enrollment of 36-60 children: $1,300
  • Program site with a total enrollment of 61-99 children: $1,400

A customized fee structure for multi-site organizations and programs serving 250 or more children will be available. For details, contact Network for Youth Success at 518.694.0660. Renewal: The program renewal for any sized program is $1,000.

Learn more about the accreditation process:

Video: What is the NYS Accreditation Process?

Frequently Asked Questions about NYS Afterschool Program Accreditation

Afterschool Program Accreditation Standards At A Glance

Guide to New York State Afterschool Program Accreditation

File Box Preparation Training

Is your program ready to make the investment in Accreditation?

New York State Afterschool Self-Study Tool

Power Point Overview of NYS Afterschool Program Accreditation
(required viewing prior to submitting application)

List of Approved Accreditation Coaches

List of Accredited Afterschool Programs

Parent Letter for Accreditation

If your program is interested in accreditation OR you are interested in serving as an Accreditation Coach, please find an application in the:

NYS Afterschool Program Accreditation Forms, Applications, Surveys and Checklist package.

Annual Report Forms

Annual Report Form

Endorser Resources

Ready to Apply?
Programs who have completed their Self-Study Process with a Network-Approved Coach, may apply for their visit below.
Payment may be made via credit by calling 518.694.0660 or by mailing a check toNYSNYS 415 River Street, Troy, NY 12180.