Public Funding News

Open Funding Opportunities

  • 21st CCLC Round 8 RFP Posted
    An RFP for competitive funding for the 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program has been posted. Please see the the RFP and appendix documents for details on eligibility and submitting a proposal.
    Key Dates:
    – Issuance of Request for Proposals: September 23rd
    – Deadline for Submission of Written Questions: October 13th at 5pm
    – Responses to Written Questions Posted no later than: November 2nd
    – Notice of Intent Due: November 9th
    – Deadline for Applications: November 23rd at 5pm
    – Anticipated Contract Term: 7/1/2022 – 6/30/2027
    – Funding is available at a per student rate of $2,100.
    – The maximum annual grant award is $1,200,000. Agencies may not apply for more than $1.2M as either a lead agency, or as a combination of lead agency and partner, or as a partnering agency in multiple grants.
    All questions must be submitted via email to by 5 pm October 13. A complete list of all Questions and Answers will be posted on the RFP webpage no later than November 2.
    How the Network for Youth Success Can Help:
    As the only statewide network for afterschool, summer, and expanded learning opportunities, the Network for Youth Success has twenty five years of experience working with program providers, growing communities of practice, and providing tools, resources, and technical assistance to afterschool providers. Please view the Network’s Services Available to Prospective Grantees and contact us with any questions on these services.

Public Funding Streams

Federal Funding:

21st Century Community Learning Centers:

  • Current Grant: 7/1/17 – 6/30/22
  • Per Student Allotment: $1,600
  • Programs offer academic enrichment and youth development, particularly for youth at low-performing or high poverty schools, through school-community partnerships
  • Currently serves ~60,000 students
  • Administered by the State Education Department
  • $91 million in Federal FY19; peak funding of $100.5 million in FFY09-10. A portion of this is reserved by the state for administration of the grant.
  • Grants are for five years

State Funding:

Advantage After School:

  • Current Grant: 9/2019 – 6/2024
  • Youth development programs with priority target of “disconnected/high-need” youth.
  • Currently serves ~16,000 students
  • Per Student Allotment: $2,000
  • $33 million in FY19-20, representing peak funding for program
  • Administered by the Office of Children and Family Services

Extended School Day/ School Violence Prevention (ESD/SVP):

  • Provide support to students through extended school-day and/or school violence prevention programs
  • $24.3 million in FY19-20; peak funding of $30.2 million in FY07-08
  • Administered by the State Education Department
  • Grants are for five years, with current grantees operating from July 2021- June 2026

Empire State After-School Program:

  • Current Grants: There are multiple current rounds of funding with different contract lengths. All current contracts are set to end by 8/31/2022.
  • Eligible grantees include select school districts and school districts in partnership with community-based organizations. Collaborations are recommended.
  • Per Student Allotment: $1,600
  • Administered by the Office of Children and Family Services in consultation with the State Education Department
  • $55 million in FY19-20
  • Contracts are for three to five years

Youth Development Program (YDP):

  • Support for providers offering positive youth development programs
  • $15.6 million in FY19-20; peak funding of $37.1 million in FY08-09
  • Administered by the Office of Children and Family Services
  • In New York City, these funds flow through the Department of Youth and Community Development and contribute to COMPASS
  • For the rest of state, these funds are allocated to providers by the counties
  • Check with your local Youth Bureau for available funding opportunities