Host Agency Resources

Best Practices Guide


Skill Area 1: Professionalism

Skill Area 2: Child Development

Skill Area 3: Safety

Skill Area 4: Healthy

Skill Area 5:  Self

Skill Area 6: Guidance

Skill Area 7: Out of School Environments

Skill Area 9: Physical

Skill Area 10: Cognitive

Skill Area 11: Communication

Skill Area 12: Social

Skill Area 13: Families

Skill Area 14: Operational Management

Candidate Application

Cornell Healthy After-School Environment (CHASE) Self-­-Assessment Tool

Credential Renewal Packet

Goal Sheet

Professional Development Goal-Setting

Quarterly Report with Class Roster

Ready For Assessment

Templates for Planning

  • Before-School Planning Schedule
  • Enrichment Planning Sheet
  • Template for Portfolio Entries

The 4A Dialogue Approach to Plan Learning Activities