Professional Development for President’s Day

Join the Network for Youth Success for two workshops at one price! Make President’s Day a day for your own professional growth. Timothy Fowler, Professional Development Director for the Network, will lead both workshops for school-age professionals: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Trauma-Informed Practice in Afterschool and Engineering Design Practices.

Both sessions will count for OCFS training hour credit. The ACEs training will count for the new OCFS training area in ACEs.

Where: Zoom platform (virtual training event)
When: Monday, February 15th, 8:45 AM—12:15 PM (Zoom will open at 8:30 for early check-in). Total event will earn 3 training hours, with breaks throughout. Event will start promptly at 8:45 AM. Late arrivals may not qualify for training credit. For a full list of event policies go to:

Cost: $45.00 per participant
Register Here:

More details about these sessions follow below.

Session 1: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Trauma-Informed Practice in Afterschool. Discover the role that afterschool programs play in helping children survive and thrive after traumatic experiences. Using trauma-informed care research, this workshop will explore how adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can affect children’s growth and development. Emphasis will be on practices in afterschool, including interactions with children and program development. This workshop is for all afterschool, summer, and expanded learning time staff who want to integrate trauma-informed practices into their programs. *Meets new OCFS training area, OCFS (10)(9 for SAC) Adverse childhood experiences, focused on understanding trauma and on nurturing resiliency. CBK 1, 4

Session 2: Engineering Design Practices. What do engineers do? Learn by acting like an engineer! Participants will complete an engineering design challenge in order to learn about the skills and practices of an engineer. Emphasis will be on hands-on activity with easy-to-find materials and the creation and testing of a prototype. OCFS 3, CBK 4