Learning About COVID-19 Activity Guide 

COVID-19 has impacted students and families throughout the world and has significantly altered our education systems, including afterschool, summer, and expanded learning programs.  The NYS Network for Youth Success is thrilled to share this Learning About COVID-19 Activity Guide. These 40 activities were intentionally designed to support youth-serving programs in engaging participants in learning about the science of COVID-19 and developing greater social awareness and empathy. These activities can be utilized for in-person, virtual, and take home afterschool, summer, and expanded learning programming. All activities should be safely executed and aligned with state and local health guidelines.


40 Activities and Challenges

  • Organized by four different age groups (5-9) (10-12) (13-15) (16-18)

  • Adaptable for in-person and virtual instruction, or a hybrid of both, as well as sent as take-home packet

The Learning About COVID-19 Activity Guide has been developed for the 50 State Afterschool Network, for which the Network for Youth Success is the New York State lead, with leadership from the Alaska Afterschool Network to engage and support children and youth nationwide.

Learning About COVID-19 Activity Guide by Alaska Afterschool Network is licensed under CC BY 4.0