2017 Day Of Action Social Media Toolkit

General Information:

The New York State Network for Youth Success is hosting their first ever statewide Day of Action on Thursday, March 23rd to advocate for afterschool funding to be included in the final New York State Budget! You can use this social media tool kit to engage with your elected officials on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram between the hours of 11am and 12pm on March 23rd.

We will be using #InvestInAfterschool throughout the day, so please be sure to include that in all your posts!

Please be sure to tag elected officials in your posts! The handles listed in the sample tweets can be substituted for additional twitter handles on the side.

Sample Tweets:

  • .@POTUS wants to cut 21st CCLC, which serves ~50k students in NY. We must include $35m for Empire State After-School! @LeaderFlanagan
  • More than ever, NY must #InvestInAfterschool. Fund the $35m Empire State After-School Program @LeaderFlanagan @CarlHeastie @NYGovCuomo
  • 22k more students served by afterschool programs if $35m Empire State After-School Program is in final budget. @LeaderFlanagan @CarlHeastie
  • 1 million kids could attend #afterschool #InvestInAfterschool & add Empire State After-School Program to the budget @NYGovCuomo
  • Afterschool decreases risky behavior #InvestInAfterschool & fund Empire State After-School Program @NYGovCuomo @CarlHeastie @LeaderFlanagan
  • .@NYGovCuomo @LeaderFlanagan @CarlHeastie #InvestInAfterschool Fund Empire State After-School to help parents keep jobs & save businesses $!
  • Afterschool is cheaper than private care #InvestInAfterschool & Empire State After-School Program @NYGovCuomo @LeaderFlanagan @CarlHeastie
  • 584,000 NYS kids are unsupervised after school. #InvestInAfterschool so the Empire State After-School Program gives kids a place to go!
  • Parents miss avg 8 workdays/yr b/c lack of childcare #InvestInAfterschool & Empire State After-School Program @LeaderFlanagan @CarlHeastie
  • Afterschool helps students achieve. NYS must #InvestInAfterschool & fund   Empire State After-School @NYGovCuomo @LeaderFlanagan @CarlHeastie

Governor’s Twitter Handle:

Assembly Twitter Handles:

Senate Twitter Handles:

@Senator98 (Carl Marcellino)

Sample Facebook Posts:

  • @GovernorAndrewCuomo, did you know that there are 584,000 students who are unsupervised when the school day ends and afterschool programs give those students a place to safely spend their time afterschool? New York State needs to #InvestInAfterschool for these thousands of students and include the $35 million Empire State After-School Program in the final budget!
  • 1 million New York students would attend an afterschool program if one were available to them. This is why I support the $35 million Empire State After-School Program. @GovernorAndrewCuomo, I am asking you to #InvestInAfterschool so these students can attend a program!

Sample Instagram Post:

Take a picture of yourself holding a sign explaining why you want New York to #InvestInAfterschool. Then, caption your Instagram post with what you wrote on the sign and tag Governor Cuomo (@nygovcuomo).  See example of our Grassroots and Policy Coordinator, Sara Cooper, below:

Screenshot 2017-03-22 13.42.02