Assembly and Senate One House Bills Released

The Assembly and Senate both released their one house budget bills on March 13, 2017. The Network has included the additions and modifications from each house below.

Both the Assembly and the Senate have included the following:

  • Restore $5 million to the Advantage After School Program. The Executive Proposal cut this funding by $5 million over last year’s final budget.
  • Restore $1.7 million to the Youth Development Program. The Executive Proposal cut this funding by $1.7 million over last year’s budget.

Assembly’s Proposed Modifications:

  • The Executive’s $35 million Empire State After-School program is modified to allow the State Education Department (SED) to administer the program, increase eligibility, and allow SED to allocate funding based on need, as opposed to an RFP process.
  • Moves Community Schools Aid from Foundation Aid to it’s own independent category, no longer a set-aside within foundation aid.
  • Restores $25 million in capital funding for Community Schools in struggling schools. This funding was added last year by the Assembly and cut in the Executive Proposal.
  • Restores Title XX funding of $27 million to its original discretionary purposes for Local Social Service Districts by removing the mandate to use such funds for child care only.
  • Provides an additional $13 million to support new child care slots, and increases Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) support for child care by $15.7 million.

Senate’s Proposed Modifications:

  • The Senate has rejected the Executive’s $35 million Empire State After-School Program proposal.

We will be continuing to gather information in the coming days. Please stay informed by joining the Power of 3:00 campaign.