Contact Congress

Congress is currently discussing the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, including the 21st Century Community Learning Center program.21st Century funding might disappear – contact Congress today!Childrens-Aid-2-e1423668006163

The bill proposed by the chair of the Senate committee overseeing the bill has proposed eliminating 21st Century entirely, and rolling those funds into a block grant that could be used for afterschool and summer programs—but could also be used for many other things! The House has already moved a bill out of committee that does the same thing.

As the largest funding source for afterschool programs in New York, losing the 21st Century programs would drastically decrease access to afterschool. 60,000 children and families would lose their programs.

New York needs 21st Century! Contact Congress now!

Have 1 minute?  Maximize Your Impact by Calling Today

  • Find your members of Congress.
  • Call each Senator and your Representative.
  • Say “Please maintain 21st Century funding in the reauthorization of the ESEA” to the receptionist who answers the phone.
  • That’s it! Your call will be noted in a daily log – Congressional offices track what they are getting calls about closely.

Taking action today matters! We cannot save 21st Century without your voices!