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Spring 2022 Site Leader Institute!


Who should attend?

Site directors, program directors, or other new site-level leaders in afterschool, summer, expanded learning, or grant-funded programs (such as Advantage After School, 21st Century Community Learning Centers, Extended School Day/School Violence Prevention, and the Empire State After-School Program).

Where will it be held?

The Institute will be held virtually using the Zoom platform.

When does it happen?

  • Content sessions: six total sessions for 15 OCFS-approved training hours (must attend all sessions to earn credit)

Tuesday, March 8th, 9:30 AM to 12 PM
Thursday March 10, 9:30 AM—12 PM
Tuesday, March 15th, 9:30 AM—12 PM
Thursday, March 17th, 9:30 AM—12 PM
Tuesday, March 22nd, 9:30 AM—12 PM
Thursday, March 24th, 9:30 AM—12 PM


  • Community Check-In Meetings (virtual): Monthly content implementation sessions (three total) from April to June 2022

About the Site Leader Institute

Site directors in afterschool programs often have skills at working with children and youth but little to no training in program operation and management. In order to build the best foundation for programs, the Network for Youth Success will deliver training and support to site directors and leaders.

The goal of this training is to expose new directors to the knowledge base and skill set of effective afterschool supervision and management. The training will focus on the skills and techniques of a supervisor and manager. This includes managing staff roles, supporting staff development, and addressing problems effectively. Participants will also explore techniques for managing themselves, their work, and the work of others (i.e., time management and project management skills).

In order to promote positive youth development in afterschool programs, the trainers will model and utilize those same approaches for the adult learners. Webinars will utilize the chat and polling features in order to promote engagement and critical thinking of participants. In-person trainings will use multiple grouping strategies, and various techniques for multiple learning styles, both to teach content effectively and to show supervisors methods they can use with their staff and the youth they serve.

All training events will be led by Professional Development Director Timothy Fowler. Read about his qualifications and experience here.

What participants had to say about the Site Leader Institute:
“I loved the workshop. It’s going to help me not only in my professional life but also my personal life.”

“[This training] made me reflect on what type of supervisor I am, and how I can improve to help out my staff.”

“The small setting was great and it helped digest the content effectively.”

“Great job with hands on activities and having me leaving with a better sense of leadership and helping me to become a better leader.”

What participants had to say about the trainer, Timothy Fowler:
“Timothy is an incredibly supportive and effective presenter. He turns everything into a positive and redirects comments and conversation with such ease. I want to be like Timothy! I love the touch of personal experience and stories of his own growth…made the processes more relatable, mixed with proven/researched methods.”

“Timothy has been THE BEST presenter, trainer, etc. He’s always clear, concise, and makes everything easier to understand & made sure that we did before we moved on.”

Beyond the Bell

Participants will receive their own print copy of Beyond the Bell 4th Edition. American Institutes for Research (AIR) created the book Beyond the Bell as an aid to the many afterschool directors across the country who needed support in operations. Beyond the Bell 4th Edition offers a straightforward guide to planning, decision making, recruiting, and communications in an afterschool setting.

Professional Membership

Each participant will receive a membership in the Network for Youth Success and a national level membership in the National Afterschool Association (NAA). These memberships include discounts on conferences and members-only newsletters, among other benefits.

Ongoing Technical Assistance

Following the content sessions, the format of the sessions will shift. Instead of focusing on new content, sessions will help participants to digest what they have learned, apply it in their programs, and bring questions and challenges back to their training partners (the trainers and co-participants). This method will give participants the chance to apply what they have learned to their specific context, school, and community, and still receive professional development support in implementation. While the Network for Youth Success has resources and knowledge to share, the application and implementation of the knowledge is the most important and most challenging part of the learning process. The trainers will encourage group sharing of ideas and resources during these sessions, but the focus will be on responding to specific challenges and concerns raised by members of the group. This will allow deeper learning of the material, while also giving participants the chance to benefit from the scenarios and expertise of other participants.


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Training Policies: Read our full training event policies here.


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