Expand STEM Initiative

The Network for Youth Success promotes informal Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) learning in New York through the Expand STEM Initiative. This project focuses on connecting expanded learning time with STEM expertise from K-12 schools, higher education, and businesses.

The initiative has three major activity areas:

  • Develop statewide strategies and infrastructure that increases the number of students reached with quality informal STEM programming;
  • Develop partnerships among local, regional, and statewide organizations to work together to support informal STEM education; and
  • Advocate for policies supportive of quality informal STEM programs.

The main outcomes include:

  • Improved systems to support informal STEM learning, including leadership and partnerships; quality systems and professional development; evaluation and data collection; and policy and communications;
  • Increased number of students reached with quality informal STEM programming;
  • Increased youth interest, motivation, and engagement in STEM subjects;
  • Improved out-of-school (OST) staff confidence in delivering STEM activities;
  • Improved quality of STEM activity delivery by OST staff; and
  • Increased number of programs delivering quality informal STEM activities.

By working with Regional Networks across the state, the Network for Youth Success will promote these outcomes in a way that is customized to the specific needs of those regions. By bringing multiple sectors together around STEM issues, the Network for Youth Success is creating opportunities to engage leaders from those areas in policy and advocacy work that supports increased access to high quality expanded learning opportunities. Leaders from these different fields serve as an Advisory Committee on the multiyear plan and on policy opportunities.

The STEM Coordinator will work with Regional Networks in-person and remotely to assist in developing STEM engagement. This assistance includes resource identification, building connections with potential partners, or professional development on STEM topics. For its part, the Regional Network should provide information about the region and its assets and challenges. Later, Networks will also have the opportunity to commit to developing a regional STEM collaboration, and determine how they will work together to improve STEM access.

For more information, or to get involved with Expand STEM, please email Timothy Fowler.


The New York State Network For Youth Success is the state lead for the National Girls Collaborative Project.  Find out more about the Project here!