North Country Training Institute

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Where: Child Care Coordinating Council of the North Country, 194 U.S. Oval, Plattsburgh, NY 12903

When: Saturday, October 5, 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Cost: $99

Who: Front-line staff in school-age settings


  • 6 hours of professional development in OCFS approved topic areas!
  • Lunch provided!
  • Lots of Networking Opportunities!
  • Hands-on workshops!

Join Erin Broderick and Timothy Fowler for a day of school-age training! The North Country Training Institute will cover topics relevant to school-age providers in afterschool, summer, and expanded learning programs. This day-long event features four 90-minute sessions (a total of 6 hours of training):

  • Guiding Positive Behaviors. Learn how to influence children and youth to behave within program boundaries, and learn to take responsibility for their own actions. This session will focus on meeting regulations, practical techniques for preventing misbehavior, and tools for responding calming and respectfully to whatever may come your way. OCFS 4, 7.
  • Managing Transitions. Keep your program moving, engage in physical development, and have fun while moving from place to place! Experience a variety of techniques, games, and activities to play with groups during transitions in the program. OCFS 1, 3.
  • Engineering Design: Balls & Tracks. How far can you make a marble jump? This engineering design challenge will have you making jumps, loops, and turns for marbles. Build your own marble run! Emphasis will be on engineering design, prototyping, and redesign. OCFS 1.
  • Bookmaking. With many school-age children not able to read at or above the basic level, teaching a love for literacy is more important than ever. In this workshop we will explore why reading is important, what language and literacy development should look like in 5-10 year olds, and ways we can support literacy with games and activities in our programs.  OCFS 1, 3.

Register Online Now*  Maximum enrollment is 40 participants, so don’t wait to register! This day of training is for people working with school-age youth, grades K–12th. Audience participation, including multiple hands-on, engaging activities, will be the focus. Do activities that you can bring into your programs, and discuss the how and why of implementing those activities!

Participants must register in advance unless otherwise noted. ◆ Those not registered (including children) will not be permitted into the training space. ◆ Any fees must be paid in advance in order to guarantee registration at the training event. ◆ Refunds will not be given for “no shows” or those cancelling less than two weeks prior to the event. ◆ A transaction fee of $20 will be charged on any refund given. ◆ Trainers have the right and responsibility to refuse credit for attendance to anyone who does not stay for the entire session, or who does not participate fully. ◆ By registering, participants agree to have their image used in Network for Youth Success promotional materials, including but not limited to social media, websites, and print.

Scholarship funding to participate in this training may be available through the Educational Incentive Program (EIP). For more information, please visit You can apply for a scholarship for this event by visiting You may also contact EIP at or 800-295-9616. If you have received an EIP scholarship, please sign it and mail it to the Network along with your registration. 

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