Health and Safety Course for SAC Directors

Directors are responsible for hiring, training, and maintaining staff who provide a healthy and safe environment for children. This course will help directors look at policies and procedures that reinforce high-quality health and safety practices. Directors will get the most out of this training if they bring a copy of the policies and procedures from […]


Supervision of Children and Youth in Afterschool Programs

Come learn about how to keep the children and youth in your program safe by implementing different supervision tips and tricks. Learn more about your role as a teacher and also how to create a safe environment that allows for safe and successful supervision. Presenter: Alysha Branch OCFS Area(s): 3, 4 Location: Virtual-Live, via Zoom


Encouraging Positive Behavior

Part of working with children also includes managing behaviors. This training will help participants identify common misbehaviors in after school programs and how the environment plays a role. Learn techniques to guide positive behaviors and turn misbehaviors into teachable moments for youth. Presenter: Alysha Branch OCFS Area(s): 1, 3 Location: Virtual-Live, via Zoom