Assembly Sign On Letter in Support of Advantage After School

61 Assemblymembers sign on in support of $32.8 million for Advantage After School

Thank you to the Assemblymembers who have signed onto Assemblywoman Jaffee and Assemblywoman Fahy’s letter in support of $32.8 million for the Advantage After School Program and $1.2 million for a statewide data system. An increase to $32.8 million will expand the number of students served to 20,000, and allow the Office of Children and Family Services to raise the per student rate from $1,375 per student to $1,600 per student. This increase would allow Advantage After School Programs to comply with the rising minimum wage without cutting back on the hours served, supplies, or supplemental programming.

You can find the Assemblymembers who have signed onto the letter below. Please also take the time to send them a thank you!

Assemblymembers Who Signed On

Addie Jenne
Al Stirpe
Alicia Hyndman
Andrew Goodell
Andrew Hevesi
Andrew Raia
Angelo Santabarbara
Anthony Brindisi
Anthony D’Urso
Barbara Lifton
Brian Kavanagh
Carmen De La Rosa
Carrie Woerner
Christopher Friend
Clifford Crouch
Crystal Peoples-Stokes
Daniel Quart
Daniel Stec
Didi Barrett
Donna Lupardo
Felix Ortiz

Francisco Moya
Fred Thiele
Gary Finch
Gary Pretlow
Harry Bronson
Joanne Simon
John McDonald
Joseph Lentol
Kenneth Blankenbush
Kimberly Jean-Pierre
Latoya Joyner
Linda Rosentahl
Luis Sepulveda
Marcos Crespo
Maritza Davila
Mark Gjonaj
Mary Beth Walsh
Michael Blake
Michael Miller
Monica Wallace
Peter Abbate
Peter Lopez
Philip Palmesano
Philip Ramos
Rebecca Seawright
Robert Oaks
Robin Schimminger
Ronald Castorina
Sandra Galef
Shelley Mayer
Steve Englebright
Steven Mclaughlin
Steven Otis
Tremaine Wright
Victor Pichardo
Vivian Cook
Walter Mosley
William Colton
William Magnarelli
Yuh-Line Niou