The New York State Community Schools Network advocates to develop, promote, and sustain community schools in collaboration with government, local school districts, and community partners. Through a diverse coalition of community based agencies, parents, teachers, and statewide advocates, we aim to create effective community school policies so that children and families can thrive.

Effective community schools are built on four pillars:

  • Active family and community engagement 
  • Expanded and enriched learning time
  • Integrated student supports 
  • Collaborative leadership and practices

A community school is a strategy to create the conditions for learning, growth, and success. The New York State Community Schools Network is a statewide coalition to support and advance the development of all local and statewide community school initiatives. With the right resources in place, community schools increase access to medical and mental healthcare, expand learning opportunities through after school and summer programs, and provide parent/family engagement support to remove the barriers to learning that young people might face. With these essential elements housed in a community school, the work leads to expanded student achievement, stronger families, and ultimately a better New York State.

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Steering Committee Members

New York State Community Schools Technical Assistance Centers (TAC) work to increase statewide capacity to support effective community schools strategies. We encourage all to frequently check their website to keep up with upcoming events and resources.