Advantage After School

Supporting students across New York

(last modified January 2019)


FY19-20: Shows proposed and recommended funding. $10.7 of the proposed $28 million is from a one-year minimum wage increase approved in the 2018-19 Final Budget, i.e. base funding remains at $17.2 million. Recommended FY19-20 funding is $48.2 million.

1. Restore base level funding by $5 million to avoid service cuts to at least 3,600 students participating in Advantage.

Current proposed funding ($17.2 million) in the Executive Budget is a $5 million reduction from last year’s budget. 3,600 children risk losing their afterschool programs if funding is not restored. Serving the same number of students is critical.

2. Increase the per pupil rate from $1,375 to $2,320 ($15.2 million) to maintain services and programming.

Based on our research, the true costs of programming range from just under $3,000 in Buffalo to $6,000 in New York City.  Advantage has the lowest per student allotment among all afterschool programs in NYS at $1,375: The current per pupil rate was first implemented in 2009 when minimum wage was $7.25. An additional increase of $15.2 million in Advantage will accommodate the per pupil increase; help maintain services at the same level as in 2009; and account for rising staff costs.

3. Support the $10.7 million minimum wage increase and extend funds for five years through FY23-24.

Most program costs related to Advantage go to staff salaries. Without funds to mitigate the minimum wage increase over the years, programs are unable to pay salaries that match increasing minimum wages and inflation without cutting other crucial program services.