State Budget

Final Budget Analysis for FY18-19

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Executive Budget Analysis for FY18-19

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2018-19 Budget Priorities

Below are the budget priorities for the FY18-19 state budget the Network for Youth Success.

Advantage After School
Restore Advantage After School Program (AASP) funding to the FY16-17 appropriation level of $22.3 million. If funding is not restored to the FY16-17 level, the next round of Advantage After School will serve an estimated 1,800 less students.

  • At least 1,800 students are at risk of losing access to afterschool programs beginning next school year if funding is not restored to $22.3 million.
  • Without a restoration to $22.3 million, a new Request for Proposals for Round 10 of AASP is not guaranteed, meaning 56 Round 8 grantees expiring June 2018 may not have an opportunity to apply for a new five year grant until 2019.
  • Out of the 177 AASP’s operating across the state, 103 of these programs are located in areas not currently served through the Empire State After-School Program.
  • Every recent competition for afterschool funding has left three out of four applicants unfunded. Unfunded, but qualified, applications for the 2014 round of Advantage After School funding totaled over $31 million; the 2012 round totaled almost $48 million.

Empire State After-School
Maintain level funding of $35 million for FY18-19 and open eligibility up to community based organizations (CBO’s) who would serve students from the school districts that are eligible for funding. If eligibility is not opened up to CBO’s, require school districts to partner with a CBO in the delivery of the program. This would apply to any grant awards made in future rounds of the Empire State After-School program.

Expanded Learning Opportunities Data System for New York State
Invest $1.2 million in the acquisition of a data system for tracking participant outcomes from expanded learning opportunities (ELOs). This system would support afterschool, summer, expanded learning time, community schools, and other models that offer youth safety, learning, and enrichment beyond traditional school hours. The Network estimates initial costs at approximately $1.2 million and subsequent annual costs at approximately $400,000. A data system would help support growth in program quality, simplify data collection and analysis for program providers, and inform New York State policymaking.

2018-2019 Budget Priorities

2017-18 Final State Budget

This year’s budget includes $35 million in new afterschool funding!

The program, called the Empire State After-School Program, will expand afterschool programs in school districts that are:

  • located in municipalities participating in the empire state poverty reduction initiative
  • located in counties or school districts with a child poverty rate greater than 30%
  • located in a school district with a child poverty count greater than 5,000 but less than 20,000, as determined by the 2015 Small Area Income and  Poverty Estimates produced by the United States Census Bureau.

    *School districts, or school districts in collaboration with community-based organizations, will be eligible to apply for grants to serve students at a per-student allotment of $1,600.

Other funding updates for afterschool, community schools, and child care:

  • Advantage After School saw a $2.5 million reduction from last year’s Enacted Budget; this year, Advantage After School is funded at $19.8 million.
  • Community School Aid saw a $50 million increase to the FY16-17 Enacted Budget; this year, Community School Aid is funded at $150 million.
    • Technical Assistance Center Funding for community schools was also included in this year’s budget. The funding of $1.2 million will establish 3 regional centers run by nonprofits with expertise in community schools to provide aid to school districts creating/operating community schools.
  • Child Care Subsidies were cut by $7 million over last year’s budget; this year, Child Care Subsidies received $799 million in funding.

The full budget analysis of the 2017-18 State Budget can be found here.