Current Federal Funding Legislation

No relevant federal funding legislation for 2019. This page is updated to reflect federal legislation relevant to afterschool, summer programs and other expanded learning opportunities.

Past Federal Funding Legislation

The Network for Youth Success has supported several pieces of federal legislation that would increase access to high-quality afterschool programs.

S. 613 Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Sen. Lisa MurkowskiSummer Meals Act of 2015

  • Improves the area eligibility test to allow CBO’s to participate in summer nutrition programs to 40% free and reduced-priced meals.
  • Allows local government agencies and private nonprofit organizations to feed children year-round—afterschool and in the summer—through a single Summer Food Service Program process.
  • Provides funding for transportation grants to fund innovative approaches and mobile meal trucks.
  • Allows all sites to serve a third meal.

S. 308 Sen. Barbara Boxer and Sen. Lisa Murkowski/H.R. 1042 Rep. Daniel Kildee: Afterschool for America’s Children Act, Senate Version

  • Renews the 21st Century Community Learning Centers program through 2021.
  • Strengthens ties between schools, programs, families and community partners.
  • Improves data collection and review processes so that grant applicants may be more rigorously reviewed, and programs may get more meaningful feedback.
  • Refocuses efforts on struggling schools and areas with high populations of traditionally underserved and low income students.

H.R. 823 Rep. Paul Tonko: Educating Tomorrow’s Engineers Act

  • Increases support for teaching all aspects of STEM.
  • Directs 21st Century Community Learning Centers Program to include STEM activities in before and after school instruction in conjunction with traditional math and sciences.

S. 444 Sen. Jeanne Shaheen: Supporting Afterschool STEM Act

  • Creates a grant program for training and professional development for practitioners in before and afterschool STEM programs.

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